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Story behind Beyond The Cake

Jasmina was looking for something to do, so she started posting recipes. Things escalated. She started baking. A lot. Zvonimir shot those cakes. Zvonimir ate those cakes. Not all of them, but enough. People liked it (her posts and his photos, not him eating cakes, although that may have a fan or two).

He said "You should write a book".
She said "No".
He said "I'll help you".
She said "No".

Long story short: we were making a book.

But it had to be different from what we've seen so far.
It won't be a cookbook.
It's going to have simple enough recipes that even kids can do.
In fact, we're going to focus on young parents with kids.

So we had to build stories around recipes. We had to tie those stories into a continuous story throughout the book. We wanted kids to learn a thing or two while baking. We wanted parents to have fun too. So we included fun facts and interesting history lessons in every chapter. Since we live in the social media era, people want to share their fun times with their friends. And photos are worth thousand words each. So we included tips and techniques to make your photos stand out and make memories. The very same techniques I used when making photos for the book.

People loved it. There have been posts, blog posts and online shows featuring cakes from the book.

And now you can join the movement and get Beyond The Cake.


Short and sweet stories with each recipe to ignite imagination and get excited about making it.

There are also tips to make it a winning desert!


In order to help you get there safely, every recipe is broken down to easy steps with tips to avoid the common pitfalls.

Recipes are then tested step by step and the results are in the photos in the book, shot using the technique from the photo tips written in the box next to them.

We used every technique in this book while making this book to make sure you can repeat it and get results you'll like!

Fun Facts

Did you know William Shakespeare (you know, the Romeo and Juliet guy) loved pancakes so much, he often mentioned pancakes during his plays?

The book is packed with bits like this! :D

Photo Tips

You don't need a big and expensive camera to make great cake photos. Sure, it can help, but to prove it, the cover photo for the book was shot with a smartphone!

Following the photo tips in this book and then having fun with experimenting, you will make mouthwatering images to share with your friends and family on social media!

What Our Readers Are Saying

If you are looking for inspiration for every occasion and for each person, you will find it in this book!

Helena Maria, Poland

Simply Irresistable! Jasmina takes her recipes and elevates them into works of art. I am a big fan of her delicious, unique and excellent work!

Harish Kumar
Launch Your Genius, USA

Love the look and feel of the book, Jasmina and Zvonimir... The handy tips in colored squares really pop!

Perinaz (Peri) Avari
Peri's Spice Ladle, San Francisco Peninsula

About The Authors

Jasmina Brozović

0+ fans worldwide

Jasmina is a fun loving, cake baking, food cooking, people caring, always dancing, nature enjoying chatterbox who's goal this year is to get you enjoy preparing your food with or for the people you care about. Her persistence on doing things she loves against all odds makes her following growing and her waistline thin. She's a child inside and shy at times but enjoys making people happy, so she's learning to live with it.

Zvonimir Fras

0+ fans worldwide

Zvonimir takes fun seriously, or as he'd like to say it: has serious fun. He makes everything he approaches seriously fun, which takes a toll on his results, making everything beautiful and precise (like German meeting French on a hot summer night). He could have been a great plastic surgeon if it wasn't for his belief that everyone's beautiful if you know how to look. That took him on a path of creative technology and photography, finding art in everything he does (yes, programming is an art). He'll take you with him on his journey to the stars, having serious fun along the way.

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